Learning a Lot About Fashion Trends

I will be the first to admit that I am not always up on the latest fashion trends. I know this may sound like heresy to some, but I do not mind wearing outfits that were trendy a few years ago. I have never been much of a clothes horse, choosing to just wear what was comfortable and what fit well. However, my brother’s new girlfriend is trying to change all of that.

She is a very beautiful girl, and is extremely friendly. We have gotten along great since he first started dating her last year. Over the past few months, we seemed to have formed a bond that feels like we are sisters.

The other night they had a party, and I wore my usual T-shirt and jeans. Continue reading Learning a Lot About Fashion Trends

Using Online Resources to Awaken Your Inner Fashionista

I live in a very rural area and access to information about the latest fashion trends and styles is very limited, to say the least. Unless I am willing to drive 40-plus miles one way, the selection of fashion magazines and clothing itself is limited to what can be found at the local farm implement and supply store. Don’t get me wrong, every now and then a great-fitting pair of jeans or cute top shows up, but it isn’t often, and I can guarantee that I won’t be the only one wearing it at the next community event.

Watching television and seeing what the Hollywood crowd is sporting does help, but so far, nothing beats the Internet for helping me find the best fashion and accessory information. Continue reading Using Online Resources to Awaken Your Inner Fashionista